Good Morning to the fellow readers at Hollywoodpress.com, i mean to the few readers we have(since we just started yesterday) We want to talk and blog about an important issue for Children Costumes.We were watching Good Morning America, and i saw disturbing things for a child under the age 8 wearing for Halloween. Since it is October 31st we would like to bring it to your attention of how the world is giving an un-pleasant message to young girls.Short skirts, short shirts, showing your belly? A good message? We think NOT. FIsh nets? NO. What image is the media sending? A BAD ONE. Teens are having trouble even looking at their OWN bodies, and now you have 8 year olds dressing sexy? And revealing? This is a PROBLEM! I went with my little sister to a Halloween costume store, and i found so many costume’s that show your belly, have fish nets, short skirts… and they were for LITTLE KIDS! What is wrong with this?
EVERYTHING, not only does the media send out a Horrible message to young woman, but so do people who make clothing. I was at the mall the other day with my friends, and we saw these SUPER cute shirts, so of course, we went over, i held up a Medium, and it looked like a SMALL, the real small, was more than tiny, and then they had EXTRA small, which would fit on a toddler. Do they want anorexic girls? YES. They send out a Horrible image on how we are supposed to look. Im in shape for one, i eat healthy and i exercise everyday, and i have a healthy body… but i cant fit in a small, one my bone stutrue isnt even that tiny! and two, being anorexic is CRAZY. Clothing is starting to be made super small, beyond belief.
And now they send these message’s to YOUNG girls? This is a problem. These pictures, are NOT even the worst one’s that i have seen, i seen so many reveling ones in the costume store. Remember to love your body and love who you are! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and make sure ALL candy people give you today, has no rips in the wraper, and please make sure it is STILL in the wraper when they give it to you.  Also, dont go to houses that dont have much light on. =] Have a fun halloween!
-Megan from Hollywoodpress.com


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