{October 31, 2008}   Newest leaked photo.

Miley’s pushed together boob photo, was just leaked out today. Looks RECENT. Shouldnt there have been signs(in the past) about taking photo’s like this?

hmm. Maybe she didnt learn her lesson… :/


{October 31, 2008}   Miley cyrus Paris showcase

Miley Cyrus SHowcase in Paris!

Her hair looked really good!

Good Morning to the fellow readers at Hollywoodpress.com, i mean to the few readers we have(since we just started yesterday) We want to talk and blog about an important issue for Children Costumes.We were watching Good Morning America, and i saw disturbing things for a child under the age 8 wearing for Halloween. Since it is October 31st we would like to bring it to your attention of how the world is giving an un-pleasant message to young girls.Short skirts, short shirts, showing your belly? A good message? We think NOT. FIsh nets? NO. What image is the media sending? A BAD ONE. Teens are having trouble even looking at their OWN bodies, and now you have 8 year olds dressing sexy? And revealing? This is a PROBLEM! I went with my little sister to a Halloween costume store, and i found so many costume’s that show your belly, have fish nets, short skirts… and they were for LITTLE KIDS! What is wrong with this?
EVERYTHING, not only does the media send out a Horrible message to young woman, but so do people who make clothing. I was at the mall the other day with my friends, and we saw these SUPER cute shirts, so of course, we went over, i held up a Medium, and it looked like a SMALL, the real small, was more than tiny, and then they had EXTRA small, which would fit on a toddler. Do they want anorexic girls? YES. They send out a Horrible image on how we are supposed to look. Im in shape for one, i eat healthy and i exercise everyday, and i have a healthy body… but i cant fit in a small, one my bone stutrue isnt even that tiny! and two, being anorexic is CRAZY. Clothing is starting to be made super small, beyond belief.
And now they send these message’s to YOUNG girls? This is a problem. These pictures, are NOT even the worst one’s that i have seen, i seen so many reveling ones in the costume store. Remember to love your body and love who you are! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and make sure ALL candy people give you today, has no rips in the wraper, and please make sure it is STILL in the wraper when they give it to you.  Also, dont go to houses that dont have much light on. =] Have a fun halloween!
-Megan from Hollywoodpress.com

{October 31, 2008}   Juliette Lewis IS HERE

Juliette Lewis arrives at the BlackBerry Storm launch party wearing an indescribable ensemble. Although the actress fronts the rock band Juliette and the Licks, the evening’s entertainment was provided by Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.

{October 31, 2008}   Alyson Stoner whispers her UPDATE

We think she is too adorable for her own good, but we cant get enough of her! Hopefully we will see her in more movies, and music videos.


{October 31, 2008}   Trick or Treat?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! From Hollywoodpress to YOU!

How are you spending YOUR Halloween?

{October 31, 2008}   Never mind…. Nick Cheated…

Would YOU run up and hit the button? Would you enjoy nick doing that to YOU?

{October 31, 2008}   Nick Dunks Fan! *gasp*

Uh-oh, he missed. =[ Good thing or bad thing?

{October 31, 2008}   An American in Paris

YEP it was Little Miley Ray Cyrus. Today she arived in Paris! On her way leaving the airport, she had a second to stop and sign Fan photo’s.

Surprising-ly she isnt doing the “Peace” sign, as show in the fan photo.

{October 30, 2008}   PARAMORE IS NOT SPLITING UP!

Hayley Williams is quickly realizing the power of the written word — or at least the power of the vaguely worded blog post.

On Friday (February 22), less than 24 hours after a post she wrote on Paramore’s Web site inadvertently started a cavalcade of rather nasty breakup rumors, Williams took to the blog once again, this time hoping to clear up all confusion about the state of her band.

“Since we posted the last entry, we’ve gotten tons of phone calls and people posting things on Web sites saying that we are breaking up. I just want to make it clear, though … we weren’t saying the band was over,” she wrote. “We posted because we are going through hard times and we felt that because we have a really good support system in you guys, our fans, it would be better for us to just be honest about what’s going on — even though it was a pretty vague explanation.”

She’s not kidding, either. Williams’ post — and the rather vague mentions of “internal issues” contained within — was picked up by nearly every Paramore fan site and celeb-gossip spot across the Net, causing a panic among fans and kicking up some particularly insane rumors in the process, including one that the feisty frontwoman was breaking up the band because she was pregnant. All of this made for a rather colossal headache for Williams, who claims she was just trying to be honest with the band’s fanbase about why Paramore cancelled their European tour. (Note to Hayley: This is the Internet. Vagueness + honesty = danger!)

“Man, some of the rumors that I’ve heard going around are insane! It’s weird how out of hand things can get even when you just try to tell a simple truth (for the record, my Eggo is not preggo),” Williams wrote. “Anyway, we just need to take time to make this band the best it can be … and we are doing that now.”

Thursday, when contacted by MTV News for comment on Paramore’s status, a spokesperson for their label, Atlantic Records, would only offer that they’re scheduled to shoot a video for the song “That’s What You Get” in Nashville on March 2-3, and then will embark on a co-headlining tour with Jimmy Eat World in April. And in that spirit, Williams ended her latest blog post with a scheduling reminder of her own — mainly that fans can count on seeing Paramore take the stage March 27 at the Hard Rock in Orlando.

“Thanks for all the love and the encouragement you guys have shown,” she wrote. “And WE WILL! be seeing you guys on the 27th of March in Orlando, FL.”

{October 30, 2008}   Miley Cyrus is a Nervous Wreak!!

The FBI had recently raided hacker Josh Holly’s home for reportedly leaking the young actress’ photos, reports Hollyscoop.com.

The 15-year-old, who shot to fame after the Disney’s TV show made its debut in March 2006, is said to be panicking after the FBI revealed that a hacker might have circulated her personal information

in her email.

“She used that email account on a daily basis to send Nick Jonas and several of her friends photos and letters,” the Daily Telegraph quoted a source as telling the ‘National Enquirer’ magazine.

“And there were several other accounts Miley used for emails, so she’s not exactly sure what Holly gained access to – and that’s what so deeply troubling to her… The whole thing is making Miley a nervous wreck,” the source added.

Though Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday earlier this month, she’s still weeks away from turning 16 and, like any teenager, the biggest thing on her mind is getting her driver’s license.

“I am begging [to get my first car],” Cyrus told “Extra.” “I got to go take my test first — I don’t really want to go get my picture taken. It’s, like, really hard to pick out your outfit.”

On her actual birthday, November 23, the teen sensation will be heading back home to Nashville to perform at the American Music Awards. “That’s my birthday present, to go back home,” Cyrus told “Extra.”

Cyrus again denied the rumor that she’s itching to leave “Hannah Montana.” “No! We’ve got too many episodes to finish. … I am staying with the show,” she said. “It’s so much fun. We have a really good time. As much as it’s really hard work, it’s really great.”

But the gossip you won’t see Cyrus addressing any longer is anything to do with her alleged boyfriend, 20-year-old aspiring musician/model Justin Gaston. “It’s hard, because anytime you say anything, it’s like the next day, Google alert!” Cyrus said referring to an interview she did with Ryan Seacrest in which she said she and Gaston were “very happy” together. “Oh my goodness, I wish I would have just shut up. Everyone else is in a frenzy about something that meant nothing for [me] to say.”

While in Germany to promote her album Breakout and its next single, “Fly on the Wall,” Cyrus recently told the press that she doesn’t mind being compared to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, since she thinks they’re both “really talented,” despite their controversial public images.

“I just think that they are super-successful, and hopefully, when I am compared to them, it’s them … career-wise, because they have all been super-successful and had amazing careers,” she said, adding of Spears, “I don’t know about around here, but at the Video Music Awards and everything, Britney Spears has been taking all the awards home and has really had quite a comeback.”

{October 30, 2008}   Taylor goes Hot and Cold

Taylor swift loves Katy Perry: Hot and Cold.

{October 30, 2008}   Can they take you order?

Tony and friend makes a funny Vlog, of can i take your order?

Thats one cool worker! right?

Old co stars of Demi lavoto,  “T.O.” and Carlson Young make a VLOG!


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